Born in Siegburg, Germany in 1979 I travelled, worked and lived in various countries: Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, Greece, Italy, Spain, South Africa, India, USA, Japan, Switzerland and many more. Most of those places I stayed for long months if not years. 


I studied acting in Switzerland after having lived on Tenerife/Spain for a year in a house high up in the mountains with a cat called Pepe some singing birds I built a huge bird aviary for and my beloved 1977-er Peugeot 504 Coupe.

Over time I came to understand that I love what I do yet I often had the feeling that I wanted to work behind the camera as well.

To capture the true personality of someone in context with a unique visual languge that would rather tell a story than just be a strong, lasting image set alone.

In order to learn and refine the craftsman ship of photography I did an internship in a well established advertisement agency in Switzerland.

Now all the previous years of observing and understanding different characters from my acting background  came together.

As an artist and photographer there are various fields of photography to cover. Yet the genre will change - the individual approach will be always related to my personal view on topics caused by music I listened to, people I've talked to and generally life experience I made. For me interaction with the person I try to capture is essential.

Most of the time I shoot black and white. To me it's the purest form of photography. There's no distraction through colors. The type of photography I'm after is the one that goes under your skin.

See you soon,

Falk Neumann